Open2Bizz connects and takes care! That's what we stand for. We provide smart solutions for your digital business processes. After a thorough analysis, we simplify and automate your business, using odoo.



The vision of odoo is to make work easy, by combining your software and your tools into one software package. ODOO provides a seamless integration of sales, purchasing, inventory, finance, website and webshop.

Many traditional ERP systems are only designed to get a financial statement. Open2Bizz takes, powered by odoo, a different approach. We put the customer first. 

Therefore we have all the tools at our disposal to keep you as a customer up and running from day one.

Do you own a shop or restaurant, then cash register (POS) capabilities standard on board. With one push of a button, you make your inventory visible in your online shop.

No more complicated connections and interfaces needed because everything is integrated in the same system.

Cinque Terre


No two companies are the same, odoo allows us to respond quickly to your needs.

After a thorough analysis we can make the various processes of your business communicate automatically with each other.

Thanks to odoo, there is no more need for unnecessary actions or user unfriendly software.

You have everything under one roof.  


Open2Bizz is your trusted partner when it comes to implementation. 

We analyze your processes and give advice on setting up the software. 

After this analysis, we design a plan together for the implementation and launch of odoo.

After this step you will be able to manage your business easily. Purchasing, sales, warehousing, manufacturing and shopkeeping have never been linked so easily. And one implemented, we are always on call to assist and provide support.​ 


We can install the software on your own server at your location. This enables you to keep control of your own software environment. In that case, we can advise and provide support after installation. Otherwise, we can host the software for you in our reliable cloud environment. The software will be installed on our servers in a Dutch data center. 

You will only need to log in, the rest we will be done for you. You simply pay a fixed monthly fee. 

Open2Bizz is your reliable hosting partner for odoo.


Taking care of your businessis our top priority. After implementation of the odoo software, you can reach us for support at any time. We are ready to implement new features and related capabilities.

Our help desk is decorated according to ITIL guidelines.

This Directive ensures efficient handling of your question or problem.

​Do not waste time searching for the solution.

Simply contact us .