Odoo and orbeon forms

the perfect marriage for medical records


Open2Bizz is an IT service provider in the Netherlands. We serve our clients in several area’s and disciplines. One of our target industry is healthcare. For this purpose we use Orbeon integrated with Odoo. Odoo is the #1 open source software solution for businesses. It started as OpenERP and was renamed some years ago, because at this moment it has a complete set of applications for dynamic business purposes. More information About Odoo: www.odoo.com



Orbeon Forms is your solution to build and deploy web forms. It handles large forms with complex validation and extensive collections of forms, all situations typical of the enterprise or government. It implements the W3C XForms standard and is available in an open source Community Edition, as well as a commercially supported Professional Edition. Orbeon Forms is used around the world in a number of industries, including governments, banking, healthcare, telecom, and education.

5 years ago we (Open2Bizz) started development of a set of modules for Odoo to be used in healthcare. The purpose for these modules is to provide EHR (Electronic Health Record) system. Our first target was a client who provides orthopedic products for their patients. (mainly custom shoes and insoles).

For this client it was important that all data about the process of interviews, design, production and delivery could be done using the system (Odoo). The main problem we faced was diversity of data to be collected. To be able to develop all these data forms inside the Odoo system would be labor intensive and would be complex to maintain. Also we knew that each individual project would have more or less custom data and therefore would contain more and more custom development.

After the first analyses we investigated other options. We were looking for a flexible web-based software application we could integrate with Odoo. It had to be easy to use, user friendly so our clients could design their own forms. Then we found Orbeon; back in 2011 the latest version was 3.8. After testing we knew combining Orbeon with Odoo was the best roadmap.

Odoo tekst en afbeelding blok
Odoo tekst en afbeelding blok

We started using Orbeon as a standalone application for testing and used the integrated eXist database. After initial testing we started integration with Odoo as a database soon. In the beginning of 2012 we launched our first project. (At that moment OpenERP version 6.0 and Orbeon 3.8)

We came a long way since then. We now use Orbeon (always the latest version) with Odoo 10 Community or Enterprise Edition. All data is saved in the Odoo system using the framework and developed a persistence layer between Orbeon and Odoo. Security and version management is handled inside Odoo so no need to backup and support different systems. Mainly we integrated Orbeon runner forms with Odoo project management.

Inside Odoo, all clients / patients are managed. For these patients the Odoo users can add a new Health record file (dossier). After creating a new record (dossier) Odoo automatically creates several Orbeon Forms. These forms have to be filled by different users of the system (mostly physicians) in each phase of the process. If all forms are filed, the medical file is done and could be closed. 

The Orbeon forms are one of the key elements for designing the correct product for the patients. The forms hold the medical data & product design.

We integrated Orbeon with Odoo so we could use different functions inside both systems. We can uses data from Odoo records inside an Orbeon form, such as patient name and show these fields in Orbeon. Users do not have to do double entry. Also we can use records from Odoo as a list of value’s to be used for Orbeon selection fields such as drop-down select.

Inside Odoo we can display all available fields / labels used inside Orbeon form designs. This enables us to use Odoo reporting tools and display fields from data collected with Orbeon.

Odoo tekst en afbeelding blok
Odoo - Voorbeeld 1 voor drie kolommen


All management information about available forms are inside Odoo. View the current form design or edit the form using the Orbeon form builder. Also different versions are managed, so a copy of a form results in a merged form, getting available data from the version to be copied, but also merged into the new version,.

Odoo - Voorbeeld 2 voor drie kolommen

Start and stop server

Start and stop the Orbeon server from the Odoo backend. No need to do this in Tomcat / commandline

Odoo - Voorbeeld 3 voor drie kolommen


Orbeon is a flexible and user friendly application to design complex web based forms. Collecting data is very easy and can be designed smartly. Fields or sections can be hidden based on other data; complex calculations or selection of records from Odoo. Also Orbeon works om every device because of the responsive design. We use the default design and only added some color and logo adjustments..

Our Odoo / Orbeon apps are published on Github.

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